My name is Ryan Ray Harrod and I am the third generation of the Harrod Family construction business. My Grandfather, Everett Harrod started the family business in Southern California in the 1940’s. In the late 1950’s, my Grandfather and his two sons, my father, Ray Harrod Sr., and uncle Glenn Harrod came to the Salinas Valley and set up Harrod & Son’s Construction. My father had three sons, Ray Harrod Jr., Mike Harrod, and myself Ryan Harrod. My father has built thousands of homes, apartments and commercial buildings over the years. My two brothers, Mike and Ray are partners and own Harrod Development Incorporated and are developing several projects in the Salinas Valley and also the Paso Robles area.

I started in the family business working summers in fifth grade as the clean up assistant. I picked up construction debris until the summer of seventh grade when I began to pack lumber for the framers. By the 9th grade, I got my first set of nail bags and skill saw and my brothers’ began to teach me carpentry work. At the beginning of my junior year of high school, I employed a personal tutor to work with me to get extra credit in order to graduate early. I did this in order to start working full time with my brothers at the jobsite. By my senior year in high school, I had earned so much extra credit that I only had to attend one class in the morning, which enabled me to work full time on the jobsite.

By the time I had graduated from High School, my brothers could hand me a set of plans and I was able to layout foundations, set forms, frame houses, cut roofs,

install exterior siding, finish work and detail the homes for buyer walk throughs. At twenty years of age I was one of the lead carpenters on the jobsite. At twenty-one I was promoted to our largest subdivision, The Harden Ranch as Assistant Project Superintendent.

Two years later I was Project Manager of the Harden Ranch development, a subdivision of over 1,000 homes and Personal Assistant to Harrod Brothers General Manager, Brad Smith. I supervised this project, which entailed generating the project schedule and supervision of all the construction from permit process to buyer walk through for eight hundred homes. There were approximately two hundred homes left to build and we had gone through three framers and could not find someone that met our needs. After the problems that we had incurred with the framing subcontractors, Brad Smith suggested that I should frame the remaining two hundred homes myself. Harrod Brothers decided that if I were interested, they would support me in my quest to start my own business and frame the remaining homes for them. Brad noted that through my employment with Harrod Brothers, I had trained two very capable Superintendents that would be able to supervise the completion of the Harden Ranch Project.

I immediately jumped on the opportunity to get my contractor’s license and open my own business. In October 2002, I opened Harrods Custom Homes a sole proprietorship. I incorporated the business several months later and opened RH Framing Incorporated. I completed the framing of the last two hundred homes of the Harden Ranch project.

My father has since retired and Brad Smith has opened Valley Community Homes on his own. I have assisted Brad through the approval process of his first subdivision, Monte Bella Estates. I have spoken at City Council meetings and met with City Officials in order to assist with getting Monte Bella Estates approved. This project is an 854 home track subdivision in East Salinas and to date I have framed three hundred and fifty of these homes. I have completed three projects in which I worked for my brothers Ray and Mike: sixty-one homes in Paso Robles, fifty homes in Greenfield, and two triplexes in South Salinas. I have also completed a fourteen unit track subdivision in East Salinas for Focus Construction along with a custom home for the Wasson Family, and another custom home for DMC Construction located in Corral de Tierra. I have also completed an eighty-unit apartment complex plus twenty-one home subdivision in Paso Robles for my brother Mike Harrod along with many other projects.

We feel that my brothers, Brad Smith and I make a great team. By having RH Framing frame the homes and having myself on the jobsite all day, ensures that the quality construction my family has provided to the community for over fifty years. The Harrod name is the only family construction business that has real estate agents listing “Harrod Built” on our homes they sell to reassure the buyer they are buying the highest quality homes. My brothers have three boys each that are all born carpenters and I recently had two sons of my own, Travis Ryan Harrod and Seth Ryan Harrod that will be able to continue the family business of fine construction.

Please see page two, three and four of this resume for a complete list of our clients that we have done work for in the past. We have excellent references from all of the clients that we have worked for. We are pleased to say that we have never had one unhappy customer that would not recommend us highly to someone else. R H Framing Incorporated has always and will always strive to provide the highest quality of work to each and every one of our customers.